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About – we started this Beachy site on the last day of 2012, during the South African school summer holidays, after only in December 2012 discovering that we love beachcombing and sea glass.

Our love for beachcombing and sea glass led to all sorts of other things, like selling sea glass pieces and driftwood pieces, and making drinking glasses from beer bottles (upcycling), and selling all the things we make at craft markets in and around East London in South Africa. We share stories and photos of the markets we go to, here on – we love the atmosphere at markets and have made many new friends at them.

All images on this site (other than any in any ads) are our own photos taken by us, or are pictures created by us.

Beachy, to us, is one word to sum up everything about a coastal lifestyle, a natural lifestyle, perhaps also a bit of a hippy or bohemian lifestyle, or style of dressing (“She dresses sort of beachy, doesn’t she?”) To us beachy is also exactly what the description of this site says: Loving the beach, beach wedding ideas, beach house decor ideas, beach photography, sea glass, driftwood, and craft markets.

We cannot find a definition of beachy on Wikipedia. The only two mentions of beachy that we can find on Wikipedia (that are unrelated to the last name of a person (as in the name of the Atlanta Braves baseball player  Brandon Beachy) are Beachy Head, and the Beachy Amish Mennonite Fellowship. Beachy Head was the name of a British band in 2001 to 2004, and is also the name of a place – a chalk headland in the South of England. The Beachy Head chalk sea cliff is the highest chalk sea cliff in Britain. Beachy Head tourist attractions include the Beachy Head Lighthouse, beach, and a Beachy Head walk of between 2 and 3 miles long.

South Africa also has its own Beachy Head in the form of Beachy Head Drive in Plettenberg Bay. Beachy Head Drive is a sought after Plettenberg Bay area to stay in when looking for luxury and self-catering accommodation in Plettenberg Bay. Activities in the vicinity of Plettenberg Bay include golf, wine tasting, hiking in the Robberg Nature Reserve, whale watching, ocean kayaking, sailing, scuba diving, horse riding, and relaxing on the beach.

This beachy site is for us to share the things and photos that we love about the beaches in and around East London South Africa, and about the markets in or around East London that we sell at, and we hope that you enjoy our beachy or craft market stories, articles, and photos (all our own photos) – and that you purchase some of our handcrafted beachy products! 🙂

© copyright Teresa Schultz and Tony Flanigan 31 Dec 2012
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