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Order Products – Information About Ordering Beachy TanT Products

Order products! Important information about our beachy TanT products and about ordering our beachy TanT products.

Please read ALL the information below!

NOTE the information on this page also covers terms and conditions. You automatically accept these terms and conditions should you
order products from us.

Our products are handmade. Tony makes just about all our products. I (Terry) assist with ideas, collecting and sorting materials for our products, photographing our products, marketing of our products, maintaining this site, helping at the markets we sell our products at, and with email communications when we sell products from this site. We also sell small driftwood pieces from our site.

NOTE that the photos of our products are often photos of products we have already sold, and, our products are handmade – your order may contain products that look similar, but that are not totally identical.

Very few of our products are absolutely identical to each other. You can also ASK US about a custom order, detailing what you’d like (that is similar to what we already make and sell) and we’ll let you know if we are able to make it for you.

NOTE Should you wish to order some of our products (or something similar since most of our products are unique) and you live in another South African town (not in East London) please be aware that packaging and postage or Postnet to Postnet is at your own risk. Choose between having your parcel sent via the post office or via Postnet to Postnet at your own risk. We do email you a tracking number, though, and do pack our products carefully. Postage and packaging can only be quoted on once we know your full order and whether you choose the post office or Postnet to Postnet.

Make money from selling our products! Our products are not expensive, and similar things usually sell for considerably more in other places like in Cape Town or in Gauteng. You are welcome to order our products with your aim being to resell them at a profit. We also offer sliding scale discounts when you spend specific amounts of money with us for a single order. There is no discount for postage (or for Postnet to Postnet) and for packaging.

*** Our prices are subject to change at our own discretion.

*** No refunds are given. We may email you photos of your completed order. Make certain to be absolutely sure you want the product or products, based on looking at the photos we may send you.

*** Payment must be made via EFT before we send your parcel to you.

Please be aware that, depending on how large your order is and on how busy we may be, we may need several days, often even much longer, sometimes even as long as a few weeks, to make up your order. Order well in advance of when you might need the products.

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beachy Sea Glass Photo PRODUCTS!

beachy sea glass photo PRODUCTS Check it out!
perfect for those who love sea glass or beach house decor ideas

- for yourself or as a gift!
Sea glass theme cushions (throw pillows), tote bags perfect for when you're at the beach looking for sea glass or just taking a stroll along the beach, tshirts, mugs, travel mugs, stickers, posters, laptop skins, iPad cases and skins, framed sea glass photo prints, and greeting cards too!


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