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Beach Inspiration

be at peace with yourself on the beach

It’s almost a sin to live at the coast and never visit the beach. If it’s inspiration you seek, sit on the beach for a few minutes (preferably longer) or take a walk on the beach, and just muse. Take a notepad and pencil with, if necessary. If you’re feeling depressed a visit to the beach may help lift your spirits. Take time out, at the beach.

Selling Beach Crafts at a Flea Market

beachcombing and beach craft items on a pink beach towel

Why not make money from your beach crafts, and why not make that money at a flea market or craft market? It stands to reason that if you’re happy enough to proudly display your beach house decor crafts in your home, or to give them away as greatly appreciated gifts, that your beach crafts are good enough to sell too.

Seasons in the Sun

Near Gonubie River Mouth

“We had joy we had fun, we had seasons in the sun …” Ah yes, seems like a million years ago that Seasons in the Sun was a top hit on Springbok Radio, and it was played near to death by Clackie Mackay, David “the gruesome gresh”, “keep your feet on the ground and reach for the stars” Gresham and the like… Esme Everard and Jan Cronje. Rocco Erasmus.

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