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Sea Glass for Sale

We have sea glass for sale! View photos of our sea glass for sale. Access our various sea glass for sale photo pages from the links below. We have split the sea glass photos up into different colors of sea glass into their own photo pages.

Please also read the following page: very important information about ordering products from us. Postage and packaging prices are not included in the prices of our products you see on this site. Postage and packaging is quoted separately, and any discounts you may qualify for apply only to the price of products.

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Each specific lot of sea glass may be represented by more than just one photo, depending on the quantity or variations of sea glass in the lot. Take careful note of the lot numbers of each photo/lot so that you can see that the photo you are looking at may just be another photo of the same lot of sea glass pieces.

We move the photo (or photos) of specific lots of sea glass once that specific lot has been sold. We move those photos to further down on the page. We add new photos when we have collected more sea glass, have sorted the sea glass pieces into lots, and have photographed them. We work on a first come first served basis.

Once a specific lot of sea glass has been sold, we try and move the photo (or photos) representing that specific lot of sea glass further down on the page as soon as possible, also adding “SOLD !” to the caption beneath the photo. However, there may be the odd time that we have not moved the images quickly enough, and we’d have to let you know that unfortunately that specific lot of sea glass has already been sold.

Sea glass can be used in craft projects or in jewellery making, or you may simply be a sea glass collector. Our white pieces of sea glass are the most easily found and are the least expensive. Our sea glass prices also differ depending on the quality of the sea glass, or depending on what size or shape the pieces are, or on if the pieces have patterns or are considered more interesting than average. Sea glass is fun!

You can learn about how we work out the pricing of our sea glass here:
How Much Does Sea Glass Cost? How We Work Out Our Sea Glass Prices

Important information about our sea glass for sale and about ordering any:

Disclaimer: Should you order sea glass from us we automatically assume that you have read and understood all the information on this page and on our product ordering information page.

Should you order specific lots after seeing the sea glass photos for specific lots on this site, you’ll get exactly what you see in the photos. The same goes for our driftwood pieces on our site. Most of our other products are custom made or handmade, so may not be exactly what you see in any photos on our sites, but for sea glass pieces and driftwood pieces you get exactly what you see in the photos for those specific lots. Please view the sea glass photos carefully as we offer no refunds. Be sure you are happy with what you are ordering, based on what you see in the photos.

Our sea glass is all naturally tumbled by the ocean, beach, and weather, and was found by ourselves, Terry and Tony, on beaches in or close to East London in South Africa.

Note that found sea glass pieces often have flaws compared to artificially made sea glass pieces, but true sea glass collectors and sea glass lovers want the real thing, not the artificial thing.

We do NOT drill holes in our sea glass, as like to keep the pieces as natural as possible. Should you wish to use the pieces you order for jewellery items, you’d have to have the pieces drilled yourself, or still not drill holes, but use sea glass wire-wrapping techniques, or learn how to use sea glass wire-wrapping techniques.

The ruler that you see in some of the sea glass photos is either a 30cm / 300mm ruler or a 60cm / 600mm ruler. Sometimes we may also include another familiar object to help you realise the exact size of the sea glass pieces.

We do fill custom orders if we have what you want in stock, and usually email you photos of those custom order sea glass pieces so you can see if you are happy to go ahead with the order. We are not swimming in a room full of sea glass pieces, though, and sometimes it is only the lots that we put photos of on the site that we might have in stock at the time, or at least that are already sorted. For custom orders remember to order well in advance of when you might need the sea glass pieces.

Our sea glass is a mixture of sizes and qualities. Most of our sea glass pieces are quite small or are of craft quality rather than jewellery quality, but we do sometimes have some lovely jewellery quality pieces (mostly quite small) or some pieces that are a bit larger than a mere 2cm across their shortest central side. Thicknesses vary from a mere 2mm to sometimes 6mm or more. We do also sometimes have a few interesting pieces, which will cost you more.

Interested in our sea glass for sale? How to order:

Note down the lot number or lot numbers of the sea glass you want, being careful to make no errors. Sometimes there is more than one photo per lot, so for exampleit’s not 20 pieces being shown in two photos (10 pieces plus another 10 pieces) but rather two photos of the same 10 pieces, to show them close up or from a different angle etc.
Contact us, telling us which lot or lots of sea glass pieces you want.
There may be some email communications back and forth between us and then
Wait for an invoice from us which we email you after you have confirmed your order or anything we’ve been communicating about
Pay us the invoice amount and send us confirmation of payment notification.
When you receive your Postnet (customers in South Africa) tracking number from us via email, it will mean we have just gotten back from posting your parcel off, so be excited about soon receiving your sea glass!

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