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Your First Sailing Dinghy

If you are a newcomer to dinghy sailing, and are now ready to buy your first sailing dinghy, there are a few guidelines you need to follow. Your first sailing dinghy will often be the reason you give up sailing as something only madmen do, or, it will convert you to a happy life of uncomfortable, cold, wet weekends.

Dinghy Sailing Tips

A true dinghy sailor is a multi tasking professional. Although sailing can be strenuous, it is not overly demanding physically. As a restful pastime very little can beat sailing, although racing a sailing dinghy can be very tense and often stressful.

Dinghy Sailing

There is something addictive about dinghy sailing. That feeling of freedom, of being at one with your sailing dinghy, the wind, and the water … The 9 year old, skippering her Optimist to a club race win knows the feeling; A 13 year old Dabchick skipper getting his Dabchick planing for the first time knows the feeling.

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