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How Much Does Sea Glass cost? How We Work Out Our Sea Glass Prices

Sea glass prices vary depending on colour, size, quality, quantity, shape or oddity.

We sell sea glass. For a better idea of our specific sea glass prices please access our various sea glass pages from our sea glass for sale page.

How we work out our sea glass prices:

We generally like to keep our sea glass prices similar to or even less than the average sea glass prices on eBay or Etsy, and similar to or less than other prices we see elsewhere online.

We work from a base price list we have created, and then adjust accordingly depending on colour, size, quality, quantity, shape or oddity.

Our base price list, from which we then work out prices of specific lots of sea glass, is based on jewellery quality sea glass (sea glass pieces that have few flaws) and on sizes of sea glass where the pieces are between 1 and a half cm and 2 and a half cm across the shortest central side (the width, not the thickness) (a lovely thick piece of sea glass we may sell for more).

Our base sea glass prices list:
white – R2.40 each
brown – R4.00 each
green – R6.00 each
sea foam – R7.00 each
black (or very dark olive green) – R10.00 each
beach pottery (or sea pottery, sea ceramics, beach ceramics) – R6.00 each

Depending on what colours, sizes, qualities, quantities, shapes or oddities of sea glass we have in any specific sea glass lot, we adjust our sea glass prices up or down, in any manner that we see fit.

Sometimes we reduce the price a bit (even if all the pieces are of jewellery quality and of between 1.5cm and 2.5cm across the width) of a specific lot of pieces if we have quite a few pieces in that specific lot, as we see fit.

Prices beyond our base price list cannot be pre-determined, as all pieces vary per specific lot. We decide and calculate as we photograph each lot we have sorted.

Quantities in each lot of sea glass that we sell depend on what we have available in stock / how quickly what we have sells out from our site (first paid first served) or at local craft markets we sometimes attend / how much or how often we have been able to collect more pieces / tides and stormy weather and how much is visible on the beaches for us to pick up.

Our specific “lots” of sea glass may consist of just a few pieces of perhaps 4 to 20 pieces, or may consist of quite a few more pieces for example of perhaps 40 or more, especially if they are smaller pieces and we have a lot in stock.

Most of our pieces of sea glass are of craft quality. We generally only have smaller amounts of the jewellery quality pieces available – they are not as easy to find as the craft quality pieces. Also note that if we do have jewellery quality pieces in stock, that they are usually quite small pieces – often as small as only 0.5cm to 1cm across the shortest central side of each piece. It appears, that here locally anyway, the larger pieces that we find are mostly craft quality.

We sometimes create “lots” (groupings) of various quantities, sizes, qualities etc and add photos of them onto our site where potential buyers can view them, or after we’ve sold a lot we may add a photo of the pieces to the site, just to give our site’s visitors an idea of the type of pieces we have sold, or that we may have for sale.

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