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Beach Wedding Decor Beach Theme South Africa

Need beach wedding decor ideas and items? Beach wedding in South Africa coming up? Beach wedding decor items and decor ideas for your South African rustic or beach theme wedding! We can make and supply you with beach wedding decor items we’ve already made before, or just CONTACT us with your ideas and we’ll do our best to help.
Be sure to contact us well in advance of needing items – it’s just two of us; we have no staff. #supportlocal #supporthandmade

Photos of some items suitable for beach theme or rustic theme weddings in South Africa that we’ve made before. Get ideas, order, or request that we make something similar or with your own requested custom or unique twist to it! Prices subject to change without notice. There will be an additional cost for handling & packaging, and for shipping.

coastal wedding mr and mrs sign

Coastal wedding Mr and Mrs sign. See more photos and what else you can use these fish for on our wooden decor fish page.

Mr and Mrs wooden wedding sign

Mr and Mrs wooden wedding sign. R1680. 60cm tall letters on a 2cm tall base. 295cm long.

Mr and Mrs wood wedding sign

Mr and Mrs wood wedding sign. Pallet wood letters for weddings in South Africa.

Our beach wedding decor items are also perfect for wedding decor hire companies in South Africa. Purchase our wedding decor items and then hire them out to your own customers again and again.

Of course if you are shopping for the perfect gift for a wedding couple who love the beach and beach house decor or rustic wooden decor, you’re sure to find something suitable here too. Many of these beach wedding decor items can be used just in the home instead of at a wedding venue, or can be used at a wedding venue and in the home of the happy couple afterwards.

wedding guest book wooden letter

Wedding guest book wooden letter. R300. 80cm tall. Use the first letter of your surname as a guest book. Or even use several letters like L O V E. Each letter 80cm tall. R300 each.

wedding guest book wood letter

Wedding guest book wood letter. Or use 80cm tall pallet wood letters for other purposes too, not just for weddings! R300 each.

2 less fish in the sea wooden sign

2 less fish in the sea wooden sign. A lovely beachy gift for an engagement couple or a wedding couple, or for any happy couple. Or simply display at your own wedding reception as part of your wedding decor. R180 for a 30cm x 78cm reclaimed wood board, painted white and distressed, with two of our small wooden decor fish on the board, and with the words “2 LESS FISH IN THE SEA” painted on. Then the entire front and sides given one coat of varnish. Note: this particular one is 30cm x 78cm. Others may be 30cm x anything from 70 to 85cm depending on availability of reclaimed-wood at the time. Also please note that the two small decor fish for this particular wooden sign just happened to have what appears to be fish eyes in the grain of the wood. An “eye” is not usually visible in our decor fish. Add an eye to each yourself, if you like.

Two less fish in the sea wooden sign

Two less fish in the sea wooden sign. The painting is rough or rustic and “beachy”. Request other words to be painted on if you like, and be sure to let us know which of the 5 shapes of small wooden decor fish you’d like (see image further below) and which colours you’d like for representing the happy couple (pink and blue, lilac and blue, blue and green, two different shades of blue). See more photos of and info about our small wooden decor fish.

plain wooden decor fish sizes

Plain wooden decor fish sizes. R17 per fish. Reclaimed-wood. Usually at least 1cm thick. Paint and decorate them yourself. Or write on them. Varnish these wooden decor fish yourself, or don’t varnish them, it’s up to you . No hanging hardware supplied. Light enough to stick to a wall, door, cupboard or other surface with prestik or double-sided tape. Or display them loose or in a glass bowl. R16 each if buying 50 to 99. R15 each if buying 100 or more.

small wood decor fish south africa

Small wood decor fish in South Africa. The same plain wooden decor fish as in the other photo, but these have been painted, distressed, and varnished. R20 per fish. Or R19 each if buying 50 to 99 or R18 each if buying 100 or more. In different shades of blue and green. We do not guarantee one particular shade of colour throughout a batch. It’s usually a variety. Just order blues, or greens, or blues and greens, and we can take other requests too like pinks and lilacs for one batch, or yellows and oranges for one batch. Or white and greys.

blue wooden decor fish

Blue wooden decor fish

small decor fish south africa

Small decor fish South Africa

wooden decor fish south africa

Wooden decor fish South Africa

Our small wooden decor fish are painted, distressed and varnished on both side so you can position your fish to face anyway you please, as if they were swimming towards the left or swimming towards the right. These small fish make great ocean themed or beach themed decor items for many different occasions or places, not just for weddings. Think restaurant decor, fish and chips take away stores decor, your coastal accommodation establishment, your beach house. Consider buying plain ones to be painted and decorated by yourself or by children and use as decor or as gifts. Great fun to paint and decorate in a group or class too. You could also really fancy them up and resell them in your shop or at a craft market. Or simply keep them as is, mark up the price, and resell them.

decor fish on stand

Decor fish on stand. Still continuing with the same decor fish as in the other photos, they have just each been put on a wooden stand with wire, and get a hole drilled in them to represent a fish eye. The wooden stand is usually painted white, distressed, and varnished. R60 each. Or R57 each if a plain wooden decor fish. 3 or 4 bought at once gets 5% off. 5 or 6 bought at once gets 10% off. 7,8 or 9 gets 15% off. 10 to 19 gets 25% off. 20 or more gets 33% off.

driftwood tealight candle holders

Driftwood tealight candle holders. R60 each. Same discounts apply as for the decor fish on stand in the previous photo. Either a varnished small beach rock or a varnished piece of driftwood forms the base of these driftwood tealight candle holders. A piece of driftwood is inserted into the base, and the wire hanger holds a tealight candle. Note that it may be more expensive to post the beach rock base ones due to them being considerably heavier than the driftwood base ones.

driftwood wedding table decor

Driftwood wedding table decor in South Africa. 60cm ruler in the photo. Already sold and are just shown as an example. Driftwood succulent planters are not just for succulents! Use driftwood succulent planters as wedding table centerpieces or as other area wedding decor. Insert any wedding decor items into the holes in the varnished driftwood pieces. Like flowers, thin driftwood sticks, bunches of dried grasses, candles or tealight candles. Decorate these driftwood wedding table decor items as you see fit. Various prices due to each driftwood piece being quite unique. Usually R60 to R200 each if 40 to 60cm in length.

driftwood sticks

Driftwood sticks. Smaller thinner driftwood sticks are a very useful wedding decor item too. Get a better idea on our site.

genuine sea glass pieces

Genuine sea glass pieces. What do we mean when we say genuine? We find our sea glass pieces on beaches in or near East London in South Africa. We look for them, we do not create them in man made glass tumbling machines. These are sea glass pieces that have been naturally tumbled, sometimes for many years, by the ocean or weather conditions and shifting pebbles and shells on the beach after they wash ashore. It takes us a while to find and build up a nice collection. We also like to keep our sea glass pieces as natural as possible – we do not and will not drill holes in them.

sea glass pieces

Sea glass pieces in South Africa. We look for, find, and collect sea glass pieces on beaches in or near East London in South Africa. We find mostly white sea glass pieces, and some emerald green and brown pieces. We find mostly craft quality pieces rather than jewellery quality pieces, and mostly quite small pieces. It’s exciting to find jewellery quality pieces, and colours other than white, emerald green or brown.

wooden island figurines

Wooden island figurines like stone “Easter Island Heads.” A beachy wooden garden decor item ideal for outdoor beach weddings or for just outside the entrance of your wedding reception venue.

wooden island heads

Wooden island heads like stone “Easter Island Heads.” R200 each. 3 or 4 bought at once gets 5% off. 5 or 6 bought at once gets 10% off. 7,8 or 9 gets 15% off. 10 to 19 gets 25% off. 20 or more gets 33% off.

Our wooden “Easter Island Head” garden decor figurines are anything from 35 to 45cm tall, with a wire beneath that length of wood for inserting the figurine into the ground. They have a hole of about 11cm deep x 4cm wide in their heads. Display or insert plants (into soil or into a plant pot that you have inserted into the hole), air plants, narrow vase and flowers, dried grasses, thin driftwood sticks. Besides being useful as decor at weddings, these wooden “Easter Island Heads” garden decor items will also make great decor items at any island style party, event, venue, home or business.

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