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Wooden Seaside Home and Wall Decor.

Give your home a unique way to display your affinity with the beach.

wall decor south africa wood anchors and whales

Our range of wooden wall decor, and decor products, will easily provide you with a means to bring the seaside into your home, without the sand, or having to travel for hours.

small wood decor fish south africa

All our wooden decor items are made using salvaged timber, from different sources, and your items may therefore be made of wood from almost anywhere in the world!

beach house wooden wall decor South Africa

Choose from the following:
Wooden angel fish – small or medium
Wooden whale – small, medium, large
Wooden Shark – small or medium
Wooden Dolphin – small or medium
Wooden Sea horse – small or medium
Wooden Starfish
Wooden Tugboat – small, medium or large
Wooden Anchor
Wooden Lighthouse – small or medium
Wooden Seagull – small or medium
Wooden Camper van – small, medium or large.
Wooden Decor fish – 3 designs
Wooden Seal – small or medium
Wooden Penguin – small or medium
Wooden Fish Server – medium or large
Wooden Funky Fish – many designs, these will need discussion
Beach Bum Doorstops
Wooden Owl
Wooden Octopus – small or medium

Unless otherwise requested, your wooden seaside decor pieces will be painted in acrylic, and covered with a water-based floor sealant. Hanging hooks are standard, making it a simple job to display them anywhere!

Not only do you get to order from a delightful colour palette, you can also tell us which way your wooden beachy decor items should face, AND what size you want!
This will really open up your overall decor options.

AND! If you don’t see what you want, we can make it for you!

Think boat display case or bookshelf.
Think lighthouse display case, or toilet roll holder.
Think framed knot collection.
Think framed vintage coastal charts.

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