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Wooden Decor Fish in South Africa

Get yourself some wooden decor fish in South Africa. There are almost countless ways to use these wooden decor fish in South Africa!
Many ways in which to use these small reclaimed wood wooden decor fish are mentioned further below. R20 each for painted, distressed, varnished ones. Discounts apply if buying 50 or more. Find more detailed prices further below too, and the sizes of the fish..
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small wooden fish decor South Africa

Small wooden fish decor South Africa – ideal for beach house decor, baby nursery decor, beach theme weddings, and more!

wooden nautical decor South Africa pastels

Wooden nautical decor South Africa pastels – in white, and shades of blue and green, ideal for a baby boy nursery or beach house decor theme.

Ideal for beach house decor, baby nursery decor, beach wedding decor, and more!

Light enough to stick to almost any surface using a blob of prestik behind each fish, or double sided tape. Or use nails or screws or glue to stick to a wooden surface or wooden background item.

wood decor fish blue green and white

Wood decor fish blue green and white. Lovely colours for baby boy nursery decor.

coastal decor wooden fish

Coastal decor wooden fish. Great for your coastal accommodation establishment in South Africa.

coastal beach house decor colours

Coastal beach house decor colours

pale blue wooden fish

Pale blue wooden fish

wooden fish on a wall

Wooden fish on a wall

fish shape from small wood decor fish

Fish shape from small wood decor fish. This fish shape consists of 44 (at R20 each = R880) small decor fish stuck onto a wall with a blob of prestik behind each fish. The shape is about 160cm long x 60cm high. Make smaller or larger fish as you please. Note: 50 painted, distressed, varnished fish bought at once would cost you R950, and 50 plain wood fish bought at once would cost you R800. See pricing images further below.

Decor Fish Shapes and Sizes and Colours

Please see the image below showing the 5 shapes and sizes. The thickness of each fish is anything from about 0.8cm to 1.5cm. We use reclaimed wood so the thickness might differ from time to time. You may order as few or as many as you like of each shape, but we cannot guarantee that the thickness will be all the same.

Colour: For the painted, distressed and varnished decor fish we use one colour of paint, usually mixing a toner with white paint, and usually mixed as we go along. We can never guarantee, for example, that should you order 100 pale green fish, that all 100 will be the exact same shade of pale green. Rather order a bunch of “greens” or a bunch of “blues” or even some of blue and some of green, for a lovely “sea glass” or “ocean colours” or “beachy” look. If it is very important to you that each fish you buy be the exact same shade of colour, then it might be best that you order plain ones and paint them yourself with a paint colour that you prefer and purchase yourself.

painted wooden decor fish

Painted wooden decor fish. Painted, distressed and varnished small wooden decor fish in various colours.

wooden wall fish with cup hooks

Wooden wall fish with cup hooks. Make yourself, or buy from us for R30 each: Decor fish with one cup hook, and double sided tape at the back.

We do other colours besides just shades of blue and green. Why not pinks and lilacs or pink and white for a little girl’s room or baby girl nursery? Or some peaches and lemons to brighten your day?

Distressing: We distress each fish once its been painted, with sandpaper or a sanding machine. This is standard. Please make a special request if you would prefer a solid colour look, rather than the rustic distressed look that allows a bit of wood to show through.

Varnishing: Only the painted, distressed, varnished fish receive a coat of varnish. We use a water-based clear varnish and give one coat only.

decor fish sizes and shapes South Africa


small wooden fish in South Africa

Small wooden fish in South Africa. We also sell our small wooden decor fish at craft markets in or near East London in South Africa. This photo we took at our craft stall at Yellowwood Forest market in Morgan Bay in December 2019.

When placing an order please carefully describe which shapes of the wooden decor fish you want.

wooden decor fish ideas South Africa

Wooden decor fish ideas South Africa. Also great for coastal decor at your coastal accommodation establishment in South Africa, or for baby nursery decor. You can also do things to the fish like drill holes, add string, add wire, paint them yourself if you like – very versatile wooden decor fish! Resell them too if you want to – at your South African decor shop or gift shop, or at a craft market that is further than 100km away from East London.

Wooden Decor Fish Ideas

There are very many ways in which you can use these wooden decor fish. Besides simply displaying them on a wall or other surface, as is, or in the form of words or phrases or shapes you’ve created, you can also slightly modify them, and make other decor or useful items out of them. NOTE: We can do this for you if you like, at an extra cost.

Ideal for Beach Weddings

Use several small decor fish to create words or phrases or shapes like love, Mr & Mrs, hearts, or any word, phrase or shape you like. Consider giving two plain decor fish to each couple attending the wedding, one as a wedding favour and one that they can write a message on as if in a guest book. You can later display these fish in your home, on a wall, where you can always see the lovely messages and remember your special day.

Or do you have your own ideas as to how these decor fish could be useful at your wedding? Let us know how we can help you realise your wedding decor dreams! We can do other wooden items besides fish too.

Mr and Mrs wedding sign

Mr and Mrs wedding sign. This entire Mr and Mrs wooden wedding sign is about 40cm high x 200cm long. It consists of 34 small decor fish, so, at R20 each, would cost you R680. You could make larger Mr and Mrs wedding signs too, by using more decor fish for doubling up on the thickness of the letters, or by using more decor fish for increasing the height. SEE THIS IMAGE LARGER ON OUR WEDDING DECOR PAGE

wooden heart wall decor South Africa

Wooden heart wall decor South Africa. This beach house decor theme wooden heart is made up of several small wooden decor fish, in coastal colours. This wooden heart shape wall decor item is about 90cm tall and 75cm wide. 32 Small wooden decor fish have been stuck on the wall to create this heart shape. 32 decor fish at R20 each means that making a heart shape of this size will cost you R640. You can of course also make a smaller one or larger one.

Wooden Decor Fish Ideas, continued

Remember that we could do these for you if you don’t have the time, are not particularly crafty, or just don’t feel like it, but at an extra cost.

Drill holes in the fish, near the mouth, and hang them from a rustic or natural cord like sisal or hemp. Hang in bunches. You can buy painted, distressed, varnished decor fish from us with a drilled hole and hanging from hemp string, for R25 each.

Wooden fish windchimes or mobiles. After using the previous idea (drilling a hole and threading onto rustic or natural cord) hang 5 wooden decor fish from a stick or driftwood stick, that you’ve added 5 cup hooks to, and that you’ve drilled two holes in (for threading cord through to hang the mobile or windchime) Or just tie your cord directly around the stick or driftwood hanger. As windchimes the wooden knocking sound in a gentle breeze is delightfully relaxing. Hang outdoors or on a deck, balcony or veranda, not far from an open window or door so that you can hear the lovely sound even when indoors. Or simply use as a mobile indoors, as decor.

You can buy a 5-fish mobile or windchime from us for R150. That’s R25 each for the 5 fish, and R25 for the driftwood hanger. Our driftwood hangers with 5 cup hooks are currently R30 each if bought on their own. The driftwood sticks that we use for our driftwood hangers are usually anything from 45cm to 60cm long, and are fairly ordinary or plain driftwood pieces, not too curved, thick or unusual. We would charge more if we used more unusual or thicker driftwood pieces.

wooden fish mobile

wooden fish mobile

wooden fish windchime

wooden fish windchime

Make a baby mobile – with the fish hanging horizontally so that your baby can look up at them from directly below and see the fish shape rather than just the bottom end of the fish. Use two pieces of driftwood for the mobile, with five fish hanging from the driftwood pieces (one in the middle and then one at each of the four ends).

Stick two together or ask us to make a fatter one, and drill a hole wide enough in the middle of the fish to hold a tealight candle.

Nail or screw the fish onto a wooden background, arranged however you like, or as a sea creature shape or other shape, or as a word or short phrase, and then hang your creation on your wall (or give as a gift for somebody else to hang on their wall).

Pop a strong piece of wire into the bottom middle of the fish, and the other end of the wire into a wooden block (so that you have a wooden decor fish on a stand). Or put several on a stand.

Driftwood and fish garland – string several fish and short driftwood pieces together, perhaps alternating a set of 3 to 5 driftwood pieces with a fish, x 3 to 5 times. Hang vertically or horizontally, depending on your preferences and space.


wooden decor fish prices South Africa

Wooden decor fish prices South Africa. Paint or decorate plain ones in any way that you like!

resell decor fish South Africa

Resell decor fish South Africa. Also consider buying plain ones, then painting and decorating them in creative or arty ways, and then selling them for R40 or more each! 100 at R15 each = R1500. Sell the 100 at R40 each after first adding your creativity to them = R4000. That’s a R2500 profit! (less cost of postage, handling, packaging and cost of your paint, varnish and decorating materials).

Reselling the Wooden Decor Fish

Getting a discount when buying more than 49 fish at one time not only saves you money when you want the fish for decor for your South African home, South African coastal accommodation establishment or other business, or for use at your South African beach theme wedding, but is also an ideal opportunity to earn a bit when you resell them in your decor shop or gift shop, or at your local craft market. We do sell at craft markets too, but only in East London or near East London – Kei Mouth, Morgan Bay, Gonubie, Beacon Bay, East London, Stutterheim, Kidds Beach area. Thus we won’t be your craft market competition if you decide to resell these decor fish at craft markets in areas outside of the areas mentioned. More than 100km from East London is a pretty safe bet!

plain wood decor fish South Africa

Plain wood decor fish South Africa. Paint and decorate these plain decor fish yourself, in any way you please.

plain wooden decor fish

Plain wooden decor fish. Paint and decorate plain wooden decor fish yourself, or as a class or group, or for giving as a special handmade gift. If wanting to resell them, first painting and decorating them in creative ways will mean you can ask a higher price.

blue wood fish wall decor

Blue wood fish wall decor. Various shades of blue are popular colour choices for these fish.

turquoise coastal decor South Africa

Turquoise coastal decor South Africa. Put a bit of ocean in your home!

blue wood beach house decor South Africa

Blue wood beach house decor South Africa. Ah, lovely reclaimed wood, rustic and beachy.

wood decor South Africa blue

Wood decor South Africa blue. Reclaimed wood, made more rustic and beachy by distressing the fish after the paint has dried.

These decor fish are not the only wooden wall decor items we can make. Contact us with your ideas!

beach word from small decor fish

Beach word from small decor fish. Remove the B and you have each. Make any word or words you like. How about love, sea, ocean, ocean breeze, peace, salty, salty air, sun, sunny, summer, blue, waves, surf, surfing, coast, coastal, water, nature, Mr & Mrs, Will you marry me? , various names, etc.

beachy word from small decor fish

Beachy word from small decor fish. Add Y to beach and we have Beachy. Also make shapes of medium to large size or even huge size, like hearts, crosses, fish, waves, palm trees, starfish, seahorses, whales, sharks, flowers, sun.

coastal decor South Africa

Coastal decor South Africa

ocean colours wall decor

Ocean colours wall decor

shades of blue and green decor

Shades of blue and green decor

distressed wood decor white fish

Distressed wood decor white fish. These decor fish have been painted white, and then distressed a bit with sandpaper or a sanding machine, to make them appear more rustic, or “beachy”.

reclaimed wood decor South Africa

Reclaimed wood decor South Africa. We use reclaimed wood, wood offcuts etc to make these wooden decor fish. Sometimes there will be imperfections in the wood as seen in this photo and in the previous photo also showing some white wooden fish (painted white and then distressed a bit to bring through some wood). We feel that the imperfections in some wood pieces add to the character and rustic charm of each wooden fish.

Baby Nursery Decor South Africa

Use these small wooden decor fish in a nursery for your baby or give as a gift at a stork party. Perhaps you’d like to buy plain decor fish and paint and decorate them yourself as a handmade gift for a special expectant Mommy. They can be stuck directly on the wall, door or cupboard with prestik or double-sided tape, or nailed, screwed or glued to a wooden surface. Or use some decor fish to make a baby mobile.

As most of our decor fish are in pale blues and greens, they’re perfect for pastel decor for a baby boy nursery. We can do pink, lilac and white too. Or some pale yellow and pale orange. Put the fish on every surface in your baby nursery – with prestik, double sided tape, nails, screws or glue.

Contact us about other types of wooden decor items for baby nursery decor too. We might be able to make it for you.

baby nursery colours

Baby nursery colours

baby nursery wooden decor South Africa

Baby nursery wooden decor South Africa

baby nursery wooden fish South Africa

Baby nursery wooden fish South Africa

baby nursery decor pink and white

Baby nursery decor pink and white

baby nursery wood decor white and pink

Baby nursery wood decor white and pink

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