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About Us

We live in the coastal town of East London in South Africa, not as near to the beach as we would like to live, but perhaps we will one day … or if not close to the beach, then at least in the countryside with our house filled with our beach house décor ideas items, and perhaps a studio in which to make our homemade beach house décor items, beachy jewellery items, and other interesting or useful beachy products or beach cottage decor items.

Buffalo River in East London the only river port in South Africa

Buffalo River in East London the only river port in South Africa. Below are pictures of Terry and Tony at Kidds Beach in December 2012, Terry with her sons in 2011, Tony with his daughter in 2010, and Terry and Tony happily beachcombing at Sunrise on Sea in December 2012.

We’re 40-something and 50-something (early 2013) and are Teresa Schultz and Tony Flanigan, or TnT Unleashed, or TanT or just TnT.

Terry at Kidds Beach 30 Dec 2012 Tony at Kidds Beach 30 Dec 2012

We have been working from home since early 2008, offering people all sorts of website help. After moving to my parents’ home with my two sons, I wanted to continue staying at home but needed an income. Met Tony who had recently moved to East London and he couldn’t find a job even after applying for over 100 jobs. Tony joined the household, and we started to think of work from home ideas, and that’s what we do! We work from home. We’re proud of being self-taught and of thinking of some things to do for an income on our own when good jobs are so scarce. It isn’t always easy finding enough clients or customers, but we enjoy this lifestyle. In late 2016 we moved to our own place in East London.

Terry and her sons in 2011 Tony and his daughter in 2010

We’re down to earth and “beachy” and since we live in a coastal town and enjoy the beach and beachcombing, thought to try and further supplement our income by selling handmade items that we make with the things we find on the beach. Being Internet, website and SEO savvy, and enjoying photography, helps us with our goals.

Our products are handmade. Tony makes just about all our products. I (Terry) assist with ideas, collecting and sorting materials for our products, photographing our products, marketing of our products, maintaining this site, helping at the craft markets we sell our products at, and with email communications when we sell products from this site. We also sell small driftwood pieces from our site.

Terry beachcombing at Sunrise on Sea in December 2012 Tony beachcombing at Sunrise on Sea in December 2012

We’re both creative by nature, or “beachy,” and a boring 9 to 5 job is certainly not for us. We believe in entrepreneurship and in making money from what we love to do. We like to help others through the articles we write and publish on our sites.

garden ornament Tony made from white sea glass driftwood and wire

Garden ornament Tony made from white sea glass we found on the beach, driftwood (we found on the beach) and wire.

We enjoy working from home.

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