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Buy Driftwood South Africa – Buy Coastal Driftwood in South Africa

This buy driftwood South Africa page is where we display photos of the driftwood lots we currently have for sale. You’d be buying the exact coastal driftwood lots that you see here, coastal driftwood that we ourselves have collected on beaches in or near East London in South Africa. Also see our driftwood ITEMS page.

Sometimes we leave the driftwood pieces as is (other than brushing loose sand off them), and sometimes we lightly bleach the driftwood pieces (helps lighten them in colour and helps to work as an insecticide or disinfectant for any possible suspect teeny bug or egg infestations). Further cleaning and disinfecting of the driftwood pieces is up to you, as is any varnishing or staining you’d like. We basically just provide the driftwood pieces. The description beneath the photos will tell you if that specific lot of driftwood pieces has been bleached or not.

We try to update the description beneath each driftwood lot to reflect that it is already sold, as soon as we can. The price beneath the photos of our driftwood lots does NOT include handling & packaging, and courier (courier from East London in South Africa to other South African towns). However, note that we offer a 10% discount on product pricing (no discounts on handling & packaging and courier) if you spend R300 to R499 at one time, and a 20% discount if you spend R500+ at one time.

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